Entertainment + Music Industry Co-Opted by Dark Occultists

Think all of this is still a coincidence?  ALL of these artists holding up 666, pyramid, horns, one eye and a myriad of other signs?  (One Eye in Positive Terms = Enlightenment, Pyramid w/ Eye in Center = Balance of the Trinity…etc.)   They are either willing or un-willing slaves to these industries.  Why do you think Britney Spears shaved her head?  She did it as a rebellious act against her handlers and also against her Monarch Mind Control.

What is Monarch Mind Control?  Check the link below.



Not all symbols are evil, in fact, MOST have been Co-Opted by the Dark Occultists (AKA Illuminati).  Check out this link below to learn how to re-take our symbols and help them regain their power and usefulness for good and NOT evil.  Remove the Fear from these Symbols and see them for what they really are.



An example of positive Occult (Hidden) Symbolism.  All Occult means is Hidden.  That word itself must be understood by the majority of humanity in order for us to be Free.


A Hub of Critical Information For Humanity – The Center Path

A great friend and fellow activist/researcher, Jay Parker, has put together an impressive array of information for people to learn from.  People can reprogram their subconscious minds, get their health right, learn about consciousness, our true history, cannabis, the dark occult and plenty of other important subjects that impact Humanity and Mother Earth.  I strongly recommend everyone take their time and go through this site.  Spend 2 Hours a night on the site below for a month or two and you will come out a wise and empowered human being.


I highly recommend checking this section out first, New Paradigm.


This section will allow you to hold new ideas in your mind without rejecting them right away.  It will allow you to clear trauma, phobias and stress from your life.  It will help you become a new person.  95% of your thoughts, actions and the way you act emotionally comes from your subconscious mind.  Reprogramming that will lead you on a new path of empowerment and responsibility, the Center Path.

Thanks again Jay.


What’s Your Poison? Taking Another Look At Alcohol

Why do you think alcohol has been so heavily promoted and is always the thing to do when you “go out?”  This may make you think twice about alcohol again.  With Quotes by Michael Tsarion.



NoMasterNoSlave – A New Podcast started by Myself and Zach Conner


My friend Zach Conner and I (Mike Sabo) have started a podcast based upon Truth, Consciousness, Occult (Hidden) Subjects, and anything else affecting Human Freedom on this Planet.  I hope you take some of your time and check out our work:

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Opening Doors – TruthSeekah (Esoteric/Truth Music)

Spreading awareness through music is a beautiful way to do it.  Jordan Maxwell discusses a powerful experience he had with ET’s.  If you haven’t heard of Jordan Maxwell or Truthseekah, your in for a treat.  If you have, well then you’ll love this.

– For All

If you liked the video, here’s more of truthseekah’s music:

Spiritual Alchemy – Truthseekah

Mark Passio’s Natural Law Seminar – Required Base Knowldege for ALL BEINGS

I know I have posted on this before but I feel I have to re-post this with more tags and more of an emphasis.  It is THAT IMPORTANT. 

Go into these presentations with an open but skeptical mind.  A balanced mind, willing to look at new knowledge but not instantly believe it either.  I respect Mark greatly for stating this and explaining how one should be balanced in mind to be teachable and ready to receive new information while putting BELIEFS aside. 

This takes time to learn and may be split upon days (Which I am doing, re-watching this series for a second time because I feel it is invaluable wisdom) or even weeks.  Whatever amount of time and attention it takes to learn this, take that time.  You will greatly benefit from this series.  You will understand Free Will and Natural Law better then the majority of humanity which is still unaware of these principles. 

This will remain a “Featured Post” for awhile as I feel I need to expose as MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE to this knowledge.  Mark puts it into a very easy to understand format.  You can understand this information and gain an understanding of being said here, regardless of how intelligent or not intelligent you think you are.  If you look at this with a balanced mind, then you automatically are showing TRUE INTELLIGENCE. 

– For All