I’m Back! With a New Layout and Writing More (1/Week Again)


I hope you all enjoy the new layout and the new header picture.  I love the new look and I feel the spirit that embodies a lion which is, courage, defines what humanity needs now more then ever.  We are in challenging waters but with courage (and a cool lion spirit) we will navigate through them.  Enjoy the Native American music below.  I feel a deep connection with them which is why I share Native American themed posts or music on this site, plus how can you not love the flutes?

One day I’ll share my experience of being in Arizona and it felt like I came home finally.  It was the wildest feeling which I have never felt again.  Makes me wonder.  But that’s for another post down the road.  Much love to all of you, glad to be back writing again.


Native American Ritual This Weekend for Healing and a Free Earth!

Black Hills South Dakota

The Earth is a living being, as are we.  We all must care for the earth and each other NOW.  She is in danger and we must heed her call to not only survive, but to thrive and grow. 

The Sioux Native American Tribe, as well as other musicians and performers are holding a celebration and ritual for a Free Earth and for their land to be returned to them, as they do not own, they are only caretakers. 

Here is the article:


I’ll be meditating during the day and will have the Sioux as well as Mother Earth in my thoughts.  Let’s create a better world now!  Hope you can join us in whatever way you choose.  Just focus on a peaceful, clean and free Earth.