Entire Free Your Mind 3 Conference is Now Uploaded and Free!


Free Your Mind 3 Videos, all free and online now.

Check out all the amazing speakers at the link below.  It was my first time going there and I was blown away.  If you didn’t get a chance to make it or even if you did, go back and watch the videos.  Very eye opening and I missed a few I really wanted to see like Jay Parker’s and Mark Devlin’s.

– Mike

Free Your Mind 3 Videos HERE

Background on the upcoming Free Your Mind 4 Conference: 

Free Your Mind returns to Philadelphia in 2016 with a three-day conference featuring top-caliber whistle-blowers and researchers from across the country who will shed light upon our world’s problems and bring forward empowering solutions.

Spreading awareness on the topics of consciousness, mind control, subversive occult influences, holistic body-mind-spirit health, and solution-oriented approaches to the problems humanity faces in these challenging times.



A Hub of Critical Information For Humanity – The Center Path

A great friend and fellow activist/researcher, Jay Parker, has put together an impressive array of information for people to learn from.  People can reprogram their subconscious minds, get their health right, learn about consciousness, our true history, cannabis, the dark occult and plenty of other important subjects that impact Humanity and Mother Earth.  I strongly recommend everyone take their time and go through this site.  Spend 2 Hours a night on the site below for a month or two and you will come out a wise and empowered human being.


I highly recommend checking this section out first, New Paradigm.


This section will allow you to hold new ideas in your mind without rejecting them right away.  It will allow you to clear trauma, phobias and stress from your life.  It will help you become a new person.  95% of your thoughts, actions and the way you act emotionally comes from your subconscious mind.  Reprogramming that will lead you on a new path of empowerment and responsibility, the Center Path.

Thanks again Jay.


We Already ARE in the Zombie Apocalypse! (Truth Comedy)

Tivon and Hope touch on something so critical yet not touched upon enough.  The massive divide occurring between people who question reality and the status quo and those who will violently attack those who do.  It is like an infection and not just a science fiction film.  People who do not like you questioning reality and their comfort zone WILL try and make you re-conform back to the “old ways,” AKA the way you thought before your initial awakening jolt.  They often will try to take attack your ability to think and use your brains by “feeding” off of them.

The Cabal/NWO/Illuminati don’t even need to do much anymore, they just keep the mind control program running in the populace and the people will self-regulate themselves.  Of course, a small but expanding minority is resisting this program and literal virus but it also seems that those entrenched in their belief systems are getting all the more aggressive and immoral.  I myself have felt like people would literally kill me for asking the tough questions and separating them from their group think poisoned worldview.  They don’t like to be separated from other zombies!  😉  Of course, there are still many that have been “bitten” by this dark worldview that can heal themselves or be healed by the work and “medicine” of others.  It’s all about finding your own cure and staying sane in this crazy world we live in.

A Woman Speaks Out Against the Neo-Feminism Agenda!

Jana explains how women have fallen for the false ideas of what a man should be.  That a man’s value, should, according to the Dark Occult, be based upon trivial bank notes and financial figures, status, materialism and how much of a dominator or an economic slave he is.  She breaks this down and sends a heartfelt apology to falling under the manipulation that the social engineers have put her mind and her heart under for far too long.  Neo-Feminism pits women against men and has nothing to do with pride in being a woman.  It is based upon the artificial woman and man, not the beautiful beings both men and women TRULY are.

Neo-Feminism is all about worshiping money and the state.  Morality is of no concern, no matter how the social engineers and followers of this propaganda want to spin it.  It is about surrendering your true self, your inner light to an external entity.  Of course, men have fallen for this as well, believing that this is truly “what women want,” when it could not be further from what they truly desire, deep down in their heart.

I truly thank you Jana for having the courage to speak out against this evil agenda and helping bring men and women closer together and not further apart.

Also, I highly recommend everyone check out Mark Passio on YouTube and his site, whatonearthishappening.com.  Go through the podcasts #183 – #186 for more information on Neo-Feminism and how it is dividing men and women.  Podcast can be found here:  http://www.whatonearthishappening.com/podcast

I put a picture of the main characters of Avatar in this because I feel it is a perfect allegory for the topic of Neo-Feminism.  It shows the true nature of both men and women.  A woman being a strong nurturer, connected with the world around her and her people.  A woman willing to defend herself and the ones she loves, not wait for someone else to protect her.  Valuing both physical and spiritual gifts, valuing what truly matters instead of illusions.  A man not willing to follow orders anymore and do what is right.  A man willing to defend his loved ones and the people/creatures of the planet he was ordered to destroy, yet said no and chose the right path, the middle path.  The path of Truth.


On the Lack of Updates

Recently I’ve been very busy with a new job, new project and many personal matters.  I’ve taken a break from the constant stream of news and information for awhile but no worries, I’ll be posting again soon.  Granted, it will be less often but that will mean I will hit on the most important information I can find.

I’ll really be focusing on taking back your power in ALL areas of life, from conscious relationships to being active in the world and creating real, physical change.  I myself will be working on starting a Meetup Group based upon Natural Law and much of Mark Passio’s work, along with many, many other whistle-blowers and researchers.

This featured image is for the upcoming Free Your Mind 2015 Conference hosted in Philadelphia, PA.

About The Event

FREE YOUR MIND returns to Philadelphia in 2015 with a three-day conference featuring top-caliber whistle-blowers and researchers from across the country who will shed light upon our world’s problems and bring forward empowering solutions.

mind unlocked
Stay tuned to this website for more information and announcements regarding the 2015 conference.

This unique event will build upon the success of the first two Free Your Mind Conferences in 2011 and 2013, with a continued focus to spread awareness on the topics of consciousness, mind control, subversive occult influences, holistic body-mind-spirit health, and solution-oriented approaches to the problems humanity faces in these challenging times.

The Free Your Mind Conference proudly welcomes speakers from a wide variety of different perspectives. This conference is not limited to any one particular world view or subject matter. Any hidden or suppressed knowledge that holds importance to the freedom and health of living things on the planet earth is fair game for discussion at FYM.

For More Information, CLICK HERE.

Vinny Eastwood and Mark Passio – New Age BS and Truther PTSD

Vinny always gives you a laugh while telling you the truth!  Haha thanks man, it’s much needed.  And Mark, keep doing what your doing, your helping a lot of people out there.  Thank you guys.  I do what I can to support.  I’ll be there at the “Free Your Mind Conference 2015,”  April 10,11, and 12th in Philadelphia, PA.

– For All