The Most Critical Issue of Our Time

Geoengineering.  If we don’t stop it soon, we won’t have an Earth that will sustain life anymore.  Please take the time to watch this video and share it with everyone you know.  Our very lives and the lives of all sentient life on this planet depend on it.

Thank you.



Shane AKA The Ruiner Speaks Out – Ex Illuminati Member

An Ex-Illuminati member, Shane, AKA The Ruiner, speaks out in this fascinating interview.  I really like the man’s tone and it feels like he’s just a regular guy who is speaking about what he knows.  I don’t sense any deception or foul play with him and I feel he’s working on the side of humanity and freedom for this planet.  He gets into his work in the different programs and his telepathic communications with Giants that are in stasis around the world.  Shane talks about who the “Parents” are and how the Illuminati is in dissaray as the Draco White Royals have left the scene and the power structure is currently in chaos, not only due to the Dracos leaving, but the energetic shift we are going through.  He discusses ETs and recommends people not getting too hung up on names and dates as it causes a lot of confusion.  The big picture is more important than all the small details which are much more difficult to agree upon.   He explains how learning the truth and using discernment has a feeling of remembrance to it, that’s very useful when trying to navigate the vast amount of information that we found ourselves in these days.

He calls himself The Ruiner because he is hoping to help ruin some of the Illuminati plans while he does his work, since he’s already been great at that throughout his life.  Corey Goode and David Wilcock are brought up and it is good to see he has no quarrel with them and wishes both of them the best.  I hope this brings some peace to the division between the Truth Community that has been going on since the whole Blue Avian concept was brought to people’s attention with Corey Goode’s testimony.

Shane’s Blog:  This was meant for Illuminati members still involved in the programs/cults/etc…but is very useful for the awakened public.

Entertainment + Music Industry Co-Opted by Dark Occultists

Think all of this is still a coincidence?  ALL of these artists holding up 666, pyramid, horns, one eye and a myriad of other signs?  (One Eye in Positive Terms = Enlightenment, Pyramid w/ Eye in Center = Balance of the Trinity…etc.)   They are either willing or un-willing slaves to these industries.  Why do you think Britney Spears shaved her head?  She did it as a rebellious act against her handlers and also against her Monarch Mind Control.

What is Monarch Mind Control?  Check the link below.


Not all symbols are evil, in fact, MOST have been Co-Opted by the Dark Occultists (AKA Illuminati).  Check out this link below to learn how to re-take our symbols and help them regain their power and usefulness for good and NOT evil.  Remove the Fear from these Symbols and see them for what they really are.


An example of positive Occult (Hidden) Symbolism.  All Occult means is Hidden.  That word itself must be understood by the majority of humanity in order for us to be Free.

Singularity or Change? A New Post by The Ruiner


“I want to preface this with saying I was wrong that there was only Wave X and in fact, Wave X ISN’T a good thing and is NOT what we want.  The Organic Wave from our Universe IS something we want, but we must choose it and choose the Organic path of change over the Artificial One.

If you are not familiar with “The Ruiner,” go the first page and start there.  It’s a great blog and it reads rather quickly.  Very deep knowledge and one of the most grounded blogs I’ve ever read.  The link to his blog is at the bottom of this page”

– Mike Sabo

Singularity or Change: Frequency Correction and Choice

Something beautiful is going to happen.  A spark of consciousness causing an evolution of organic life in a massive section of our Galaxy, passing through our Solar System, most greatly impacting this planet. Earth.   This is what this writer has been referring to as “The Wave”.  (Not to be confused with “Wave X” or other “waves”.)

After reading, meditate on this and you will see it is happening and we are right on the edge of an abyss of the unknown. This is going to unfold, but how, and exactly when, is unpredictable.

Here is what I can tell you based on collecting data from various sources internal and external.

There will be two sides to choose from.

On one side, you will see this drama play out.  On the other you will step sideways off of this path, and circle back to a new path.

What both side will share will be an overlapping period of time where we will see the physical world give birth to something of a new vibration. As if the Earth is currently in a cocoon about to go from caterpillar to moth or butterfly.

The cocoon has to crack open for this to happen and this planet will experience a change.

No one can say exactly when. All the signs are indicating this will come soon.

You are making a choice. Your choice is not to be fully decided until it occurs, but, you are making it with all of your thoughts and actions between (a while ago technically but let’s say..) now and then.

We are creating what our world will be with all of our thoughts and actions between now and then.  Yes this was just repeated, again.

Unlike when you vote in an election, your choice matters here.

These two worlds would look decidedly different.

Everything I have said in my blog about the Illuminati and blah, blah, blah, on one side.  Your writer’s references to nature, love,  understanding and respect,  the other.

Read the rest HERE:


Holistic Fit Dentist, 41, Found Dead of Massive Heart Attack While Jogging

Holistic Fit Dentist, 41, Found Dead of Massive Heart Attack While Jogging

Thank you Erin Elizabeth for following this story, as well as Our New World and Starship Earth.  THESE stories need to flood the internet and grab the attention of everyone.  This needs to stop and WE need to stop it by exposing it and getting such a massive exposure of this that it CANNOT be hidden.

I for one will be covering this as much as I can.

– Michael Sabo

This brings the body count to nine . . . This is getting crazy! -LW

holistic-dentistDr Abdul- Karim was a holistic dentist who helped the underprivileged, and had a Non Profit foundation set up 2 years ago to do just that. His  fraternity brother, patient and long time friend said it just “doesn’t add up” about the shocking death of his friend on Tuesday, July 21st. A passerby found him dead on the side of the road at 10PM EST. RIP

It brings me no joy  to report on this amazing man and dentist who I’ve been researching now for the better part of the evening, after someone sent me the information that he’d died suddenly at 41 while training for a half marathon. Dr. Hakeem Abdul-Karim, DDS, P.A , better known as “Doc”,  appeared to be extremely fit, and only 41 years old. He is described as a man of faith and strong character who left a Non Profit foundation behind that he started to help the  underprivileged, which I hope will carry on his name. The more I search on the man and the holistic sites that rave about him, the more awesome I see he was.

His long time friend and patient  had this to say about his death:

Greenville artist and former Daily Reflector pressman Pearless Speller said Abdul-Karim was his dentist, a fraternity brother and longtime friend.

“I found out on Wednesday,” Speller said. “He was a very active guy, played basketball every Sunday after church. He ran a lot and didn’t eat pork or beef or any red meat. He ate fish and chicken. He was cautious about what he ate. It just doesn’t add up”

As many of you know I started reporting on doctors who died suddenly (especially holistic ones here in Florida or the South East) in the last month. I never intended it to turn into a series which has been linked on a few network affiliates and some of the biggest sites online. I only wish this were better news. Dr. Abdul-Karim died in North Carolina where our first Doctor Bradstreet was also found dead on June 19th, just over one month ago.

“Doc” wasn’t your typical dentist or typical person by any means. He excelled in every way imaginable that I can find.  Besides being in  top shape and having extensive training in surgery,  he treated severely disadvantaged children, and even mentally ill patients and his website says he practiced “preventive dentistry” and his Facebook page shows he liked many holistic sites such as the International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine (which I suggest you all like) as well as Healing with Nutrition, several functional medicine pages and other natural holistic websites.

He also had an A+ rating on the BBB’s site , no complaints ever that I see of, and had many all five star reviews on the review sites from his patients who obviously adored him.

I am reading on Facebook pages about what a kind gentle man he was who loved what he did and his patients adored their “Doc”   It appears he was very involved in his church and started a non profit foundation 2 years ago so that his legacy would live on to help other (especially kids)  after he’d passed away.

From the GoFundMe page set up for his Non Profit foundation:

Doc was a man who loved people, especially disadvantaged children, and he loved the Lord with all of his heart.  For many years, Doc gave generously of his time and his treasure in support of those passions.  About two years ago, Doc established a private non-profit foundation to ensure that his passion would survive beyond his lifetime.

We’re sure he never expected his lifetime would be so short.

Now, I thought twice about including him in my series of holistic doctors who have been found dead here in the last few months- many who were very young, and like Dr. Abdul-Karim, just died suddenly at a young age which appears has  been a big  shock to his friends, family and many adoring patients.

I had seen another site, that reported on my stories, add a young dentist to the list(we’ve not reported on any holistic dentists until now) who had died recently here in Florida.  I didn’t do a story on that dentist (Dr. Castellano age 44)  as I couldn’t find a cause of death and, unlike a few other Florida doctors who died, I didn’t have friends or patients in common to talk with to discuss a cause.

But Dr. Abdul-Karim was 41, holistic and it states clearly he died of a massive heart attack while training and was found that evening by a person passing by who saw him on the side of the road.

He may have very well  fit and 41 and just died of natural causes- even if his friend  say it simply “doesn’t add up”  I’m certainly not saying that he didn’t. But with so many other holistic MD’s and DO’s (and now a dentist) dying suddenly who were so healthy fit and vibrant (and he was in this region of the US)  I’m going to go with my gut and do this story.

If nothing else, people can see the great work “Doc” did and know that the world lost a wonderful man who was only 41  (just 4 days away from his 42nd birthday!) and perhaps someone will be compelled to share this or donate to the GoFundMe Page for his non profit foundation so that his name might live on to help others.

With every other story I’ve done, I end up receiving emails from patients  (and sometimes family members) who often have more information. That may be the case here too, or maybe not.  Remember 6 of those who were found dead within the last month or so were found here in the South East (most here in Florida)  I know some holistic doctors who are worried and admittedly (though it could be one big coincidence) I always say that I am concerned for my better half- a holistic doctor as well.

So rest in Peace “Doc” . May the foundation carry on your name to help others for years to come. My heart goes out to his friends, family and legions of fans who obviously loved him very much.

This is Erin Elizabeth reporting from the E Coast of Florida here on July 25th, 2015

Stay safe.

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Erin Elizabeth, is a long time “health nut” with a passion for the healing arts, for nearly 25 years. She is an author, public speaker, and advocate for healthy living. You can get Erin’s book here for free and also watch a short documentary on how she overcame vax injuries, Lyme disease, a significant weight gain, and more. Follow Erin on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram

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What’s the Plan? I’ll Reveal Some of it to You


Their Plan is written in the Georgia Guidestones.

“The Georgia Guidestones is a mysterious monument on which are carved ten “commandments” for a “New Age of Reason”. The first commandment? Maintaining the world population under 500 million people. Another sinister fact: the authors of what we now call the American Stonehenge are still a “mystery”… except for those in the know. We will look at the numerous features of this monument, its message calling for a New World Order and explain how it is the work of an occult secret society.”

Read more about them HERE.

They Attack Our:















They ATTACK US Because they are AFRAID OF US realizing our TRUE POWER!  They are afraid of Creativity, Light and Potential.  So lets take OUR POWER BACK and they will cave in on themselves.  Their time is running out.  Align with Nature and Truth.  Be Bold and Mighty Forces will come to your Aid.


The Wisdom of Credo Mutwa

Credo Mutwa, a Zulu Shaman of South Africa, speaks on extraterrestrials, our origins and much more.


Shamans, natives, ancients and children…so often dismissed as just having colorful imaginations when more often then not they speak raw truth on a level of clarity misunderstood by much of the world, especially the West.  Here is a Shaman named Credo Mutwa, representing the Zulu People of South Africa.  What he says and how he says it will both hold your attention and amaze you.  Credo is a unique and incredibly knowledgeable individual who keeps the oral traditions alive with his words and his artifacts.  Thanks to the internet and books, knowledge similar to this has become widely known, albeit still not mainstream.  Many great alternative researchers exist today and information has never been more global in scope although there are times when confusion sets in and you begin to question what you are learning.  What is true what is not?  What is real and what is not?  What is the agenda?  Upliftment or destruction?  There are few better ways to corroborate what you have learned then to listen to the children and shamans.  Here is a prime example of that fact.

Credo, may you live as long as possible so you can share your wisdom and experience to the people of Earth.  Blessings be upon you my friend.

If you want to see the extensive interview Credo did with David Icke, check this link out below too.  Just allow yourself plenty of time before starting it!  It took me a week to finish it when I watched it.  Take your time.  Absorb all the information and do not rush it.

– For All