Global Alert News – January 9th, 2016



One of the most important news segments I always listen to weekly.  As Dane says, “We are in uncharted waters,” this could not be more true.  I’ve heard people try to discredit this man but I feel those accusations are unjustified.  He truly is just a concerned father with no other agenda than to show people the REAL situation, one that even alternative media tends to shy away from or not report the proper data on.

Thank you Dane for your hard work.  If you found this report valuable, check out his website


The Most Critical Issue of Our Time

Geoengineering.  If we don’t stop it soon, we won’t have an Earth that will sustain life anymore.  Please take the time to watch this video and share it with everyone you know.  Our very lives and the lives of all sentient life on this planet depend on it.

Thank you.


High Bypass Turbofan Jet Engines, Geoengineering, And The Contrail Lie


This 7:21 Minute Video shows the undeniable truth that Geoengineering is occurring in our skies and that how the vast majority of trails coming out of jets are NOT condensation trails.

A Hub of Critical Information For Humanity – The Center Path

A great friend and fellow activist/researcher, Jay Parker, has put together an impressive array of information for people to learn from.  People can reprogram their subconscious minds, get their health right, learn about consciousness, our true history, cannabis, the dark occult and plenty of other important subjects that impact Humanity and Mother Earth.  I strongly recommend everyone take their time and go through this site.  Spend 2 Hours a night on the site below for a month or two and you will come out a wise and empowered human being.

I highly recommend checking this section out first, New Paradigm.

This section will allow you to hold new ideas in your mind without rejecting them right away.  It will allow you to clear trauma, phobias and stress from your life.  It will help you become a new person.  95% of your thoughts, actions and the way you act emotionally comes from your subconscious mind.  Reprogramming that will lead you on a new path of empowerment and responsibility, the Center Path.

Thanks again Jay.


The Issue We All Must Confront

That is:


The establishment divides us with cop/civilian and black/white while we are sprayed like bugs with aerosol spraying of toxic metals overhead. What happened to Eric Garner was horrible, how some cops are acting is horrible, but these honestly are all distracting us from the bigger picture. If we don’t make a change and expose Geoengineering, and fast, Earth WILL be a dead planet by 2040 with no life on it. If you don’t believe this is happening, that’s fine to be skeptical but please look at this “flaming arrow package” and read the document in whatever format suits you.

This is the biggest threat to all of us and our planet. Not only that but this can unite all of us! People never think the human race could be united, well only in a major crisis do we really come together. This is that crisis. This has the power to bring us together like nothing has ever done before. We need to come together to stop this, there is no other way. No one is exempt from this, especially the general populace on the ground.

We really need to start getting some events and protests going across Ohio and across the nation. I need people with me on this, I can’t do this alone!

This is not fear. This is a wake up call.

This, must be stopped.

– For All

Geoengineering, A Clear And Present Danger

This is THE most critical issue to our planet.  I will be devoting most, if not all of my blog posts to geoengineering for awhile now as I feel it’s what I need to spread the most awareness on, not to mention it is the most devastating and alarming event facing us and our future.  There is not much time left but we still can make a difference.  If you truly care about our future, spread awareness far and wide about geoengineering.  It is our moral imperative to wake people up ASAP and to stop this illegal destruction of humanity and our planet, Earth.

– For All

Geoengineering Evidence and Current Situation

Our climate is not normal.  Watching this gentleman’s presentation will put to rest any skepticism you may have in regards to Geoengineering.  It, combined with GMO’s must be stopped.  They are destroying our planet and our health worldwide.  This must be exposed, the term “chemtrails” must go and be replaced with a more scientific and credible term that is not used by the media, Geoengineering.  150 Patents going to back to the late 40’s.  Much of the ingredients being found in rainwater, in California especially, are almost identical, if not already so to what the patents recommended. 

Those who care about the earth and all of its beings must help to remove the stigma attached with talking about this issue.  It is real.  It is happening, and there is plenty of evidence to back it up.  You have to wonder, if the media continues to ridicule certain topics, especially this one, are they just trying to protect their own jobs at the cost of something they may not know nor care to understand?  I would say so. 

Just as GMO’s are being opposed worldwide by humanity, so must Geoengineering get to that level, and quickly. 

Need more evidence?  Watch a previous video too so you can gain a better understanding of these particulates and what is clearly weather modification.