Global Alert News for March 26th and April 2nd

The past two weeks of Dane Wigington’s Global Alert News Program.  This is critical listening for everyone.  Dane does a fantastic job of tying so much important news together while still focusing on the most important issue in my opinion as well as his and that is, Geoengineering.  For without a life-supporting Earth, what do we have left? 


March 26th, 2016:
The maneuvering of the power structure is becoming rapidly more desperate and destructive. From the positioning of military assets around the globe, to the strategically timed terror attacks that are utilized for maximum impact on the mindset of the population, the wheels of many agendas are turning. FOX news and the NRA are pushing propaganda (as are other mainstream sources). But will stocking up on guns and ammunition save the survivalists if the biosphere collapses to a point where it will no longer support life? Such a conclusion is not wild speculation, but rather a mathematical near term certainty if we do not have an immediate and complete course correction for the human race. How can it be that whose who call themselves “patriots” are completely silent about what happened to Pat Tillman and the entire Navy Seal team that was involved with the Osama bin Laden staged assassination drama? How can it be that so many who claim to be patriots are completely silent about the ongoing toxic atmospheric spraying assault occurring over our collective heads each and every day? It is one thing to claim we care about the future of our children, it is another issue entirely to show we care by our priorities and actions.…

April 2nd, 2016:
The changes now unfolding on our planet are profound and catastrophic. Though mainstream media sources are finally starting to acknowledge the warning signs emanating from everywhere on the biosphere, there is still precious little truth to be found in regard to the severity and immediacy of what we collectively face. Many have now seen the recent headlines about the unimaginably rapid die-off of the great barrier reef, but few yet understand that this is just the beginning of what continues to unfold  around us all at blinding speed.


Global Animal Industries – the Ghosts in Our Machine

Global Animal Industries – the Ghosts in Our Machine

Ghosts In Our Machine the Truth About Factory Farming Global Animal Industries   the Ghosts in Our Machine

By Trinity Bourne

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

“Are non-human animals property to be owned and used, or are they sentient beings deserving of rights?” ~The Ghost In Our Machine documentary

Those of us who’ve ever seen images of the twisted world of factory farming (or animals in captivity) have often wondered how an open-hearted person finds the strength to go in and capture such heart wrenching footage. I’ve long since imagined what it must be like be that person who cares so profoundly, so deeply, to be willing to witness these acts, time and time again. These people are rare, yet an incredible depth of spirit impels a person to immerse themselves into their worst nightmare.

Why? Because the world really does need to know what it is surreptitiously responsible for.

Bringing Light into the Shadows of Animal Industries

The Ghosts in Our Machine is an empathic invitation into the world of Jo-Anne McArthur, a gentle, caring, woman, who in her own words is no less than a war photographer. Her purpose is to bring light into the shadows, within situations that most people would be horrified to witness. It’s a selfless gift, so that those without a voice – those countless animals who suffer to clothe and feed mainstream society – can be seen.

This cinematic, feature length documentary brings hope to a world where the veil has been pulled firmly over our eyes; in a society where most people would rather rather bask in comfort, blinded to the truth. Whilst this video draws us close to some very challenging issues it also finds an admirable balance between suffering and the opportunity for a better future. It weaves the tragic tale of crimes against sentient life, along with the upliftment and inspiration of those animals who have found the freedom and love that they so rightly deserve.

An Incredible Opportunity for Change

The Ghosts in Our Machine offers an incredible opportunity for change in a time when billions of animals are needlessly slaughtered and kept in shocking conditions every year. No time is greater for people like Jo-Anne McArthur to be heard and for us all to contribute, share and do whatever we can to help that message get out there.

I felt honoured to watch this film, captivated by the soulful artistry from start to finish. It’s a poetic and divinely created expression of the soul, with inspirational imagery, from video and photography, well worthy of our attention. I for one, hope that this will inspire a deeper awareness in all of us.

Check out the trailer here:

“The Ghost In Our Machine” illuminates the lives of individual animals living within and rescued from the machine of our modern world. Through the heart and photographic lens of acclaimed animal photographer Jo-Anne McArthur, we become intimately familar with a cast of non-human animals. The film follows McArthur over the course of a year as she photographs several animal stories in parts of Canada, the U.S. and Europe.

“Each story is a window into global animal industries; food, fashion, entertainment and research. All part of an epic photo project “We Animals”, now in its fifth year and shot all over the globe, McArthur has documented the lives of animals with heart-breaking empathic vividness and professionalism.

“Are non-human animals property to be owned and used, or are they sentient beings deserving of rights?” ~ plot summary

The Ghosts in Our Machine is available now on iTunes. 

For more details visit:

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Updated November 2014

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 Global Animal Industries   the Ghosts in Our MachineTrinity is an experienced, empathic energy worker and the author of ‘Trinity’s Conscious Kitchen’, a recipe book designed to inspire the soul through conscious vegan, wheat-free cuisine.

Around 18 years ago, during a profound spiritual awakening, the world around her shattered. She became engulfed in a white, universal, timeless, formless light until nothing else existed – other than the nameless truth at the core of all sentient beings. During this life-changing experience Trinity experienced the soul of all other sentient beings, trees, creatures, people as one pulsating energy. Transcending her into a higher realm of unity and oneness, this experience imparted a divine energy that she has been sharing through spiritual work ever since. She has integrated a wide variety of multidimensional gifts, and works hand in hand with the Angelic Realms, guided by a deep compassion for the Earth and environment.

Understanding that the energy of our food directly impacts sentient life on all levels, Trinity founded Trinity’s Conscious Kitchen, a website devoted to inspiring the soul through conscious vegan cuisine. She is the co-founder of the Openhand Foundation, an organisation dedicated to the evolution of humankind. She works as the divine complement to her soul mate Open (Chris) to help facilitate the global Ascension process and feels incredibly blessed to be of divine service.

For more information, check out Trinity’s new book Trinity’s Conscious Kitchen on Amazon or visit for a huge archive of deep insights for the spiritual journey.

Great information on the animal industry.  Everyone needs to know about this.  Trinity did a great job in this article and this movie sounds painful to watch but vitally important for everyone to have awareness of so they can choose what kind of world they want to live in. 

– For All