Stand Strong, Stand Together

Listen to this song as you scroll down through the pictures.  Let the art and the manyfaces be a metaphor.  A metaphor for every human being, of every color, race and background to work together to end slavery and free ourselves from the Cabal, from the lies, from the secrecy, from the bondage.   Once and For All.



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Help Getting to Sleep

This is a post about health and sleep.  I’ve struggled with sleep all my life but it is getting easier and easier thanks to a couple things I’ve found which I would like to share with everyone.

1st of all, I recommend checking out this link below.  Dr. Mercola, a doctor I respect on many health topics, interviews Dan Pardi about sleep and light.  Very informative and I learned a TON from it:

P.S. wearing the cheap orange glasses has really helped me.  Not saying anyone should get it, I’m just saying for an insomniac, it really helped me!

2nd, I recommend relaxing music.  I actually blend both of these tracks together by playing them at the same time, the Solfeggio lower, the cat purring louder.  If your like me and love cats, you’ll really feel at peace listening to the cat purr:  (Both videos are below, it’s just a simple playlist I made).

Beyond that, I recommend looking into what is said in the above interview as I feel it’s some high quality information.

Hope this helps anyone out there who struggles with sleep!


A Way to Unify – Miramir

Facebook censors, distorts and spies, its well past time we move to something that respects privacy as well as unifies all people trying to make this world a better place.

In comes Miramir.  Check out the video below.  This is really exciting to me and I think this has the potential to truly unite the alternative and truth seeking communities.


There was an interview conducted by the Conscious Society.  You can check it out here:

Why Spiritual Mastery is a Shattering Process

Deus Nexus


spiritual_truthAnyone truly embarking along the spiritual path, must quickly give up the idea that it’s easy, or especially, that it will somehow build you up into something. And it’s definitely not all ‘love and light’ – not the true path anyway. In my experience, both of my own journey and in working with countless others, is that Spiritual Mastery is a shattering, breaking down process, that causes you to reconfront past-life trauma and source pain. It’s also reflective of the current state of our reality right now. Why is that? What might you expect? How might you deal effectively with what comes up?…

Walking the Spiritual Path

I’ve encountered many people who’ll tell you they’ve been “walking a particular spiritual approach for so and so years”. Yet really, when you dig below the surface, it’s clear they’re not truly Walking the Spiritual Path. Why not? What does 

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