Help Getting to Sleep

This is a post about health and sleep.  I’ve struggled with sleep all my life but it is getting easier and easier thanks to a couple things I’ve found which I would like to share with everyone.

1st of all, I recommend checking out this link below.  Dr. Mercola, a doctor I respect on many health topics, interviews Dan Pardi about sleep and light.  Very informative and I learned a TON from it:

P.S. wearing the cheap orange glasses has really helped me.  Not saying anyone should get it, I’m just saying for an insomniac, it really helped me!

2nd, I recommend relaxing music.  I actually blend both of these tracks together by playing them at the same time, the Solfeggio lower, the cat purring louder.  If your like me and love cats, you’ll really feel at peace listening to the cat purr:  (Both videos are below, it’s just a simple playlist I made).

Beyond that, I recommend looking into what is said in the above interview as I feel it’s some high quality information.

Hope this helps anyone out there who struggles with sleep!



Embrace Peace

This is a beautiful mix that I’ve been listening to with headphones today.  Music can put you in such a beautiful state of mind, relieve stress, allow you to imagine and just take you to amazing places.  Honestly, this mix made me tear up multiple times since it made me feel so many intense emotions.

I hope it does the same for you.

Meditate to this.

Surf to the web to this.

Go out in nature to this.

The system tries to throw you off your balance daily.  Don’t allow it.  We live in a Free Will Universe.  Exercise that ability…Daily.  As you release the bonds that have held you back, be it emotional, spiritual, physical, mental…you replace them with new neuropathways, not only in your physical body, but in your energetic body as well.

Learn daily, love daily.  Time to be free.  🙂