Part II: Veterans Today Radio (9-24-14) Stew Webb, Gordon Duff, Preston James, Gene Chip Tatum, Gwenyth Todd

9/11 Truth will be revealed once and for all. It is time to bring these war criminals to justice and stop the blind ignorance associated with so much of our world, especially this crucial event that began that reign of terror or shall I say the, “War on Terror.”

2012: What's the 'real' truth?

Published on Sep 26, 2014
Thanks to M. 

This is part two of the incredible Intel dump Gordon Did during the episode of VT Radio on 9-22-14.

Gordon Duff unloaded new shocking Russian Intelligence that ties in with other sources and names those responsible for planning and carrying out 9/11. Gordon tells you WHO did and WHO let go of Israelis caught during that day before they could bomb the tunnels and bridges. Never in history has so much Intel been dumped on 9/11 in one radio show!

Other subjects covered were as follows:

The war in Ukraine has gone nuclear! The IEAE says that initial analysis shows that a Lance nuclear missile hit the factory that exploded outside of Donetsk. Lugansk coud have also been hit with a nuclear weapon. Only Israel still uses the Lance missile.

Russians are very upset over the Ukraine situation and have released more…

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TRUTHstreammedia Doing a Fantastic Job Again. Exposing 9/11 Fear Propaganda.

ISIS, Power Grid, Syrian Rebels…on and on it goes.  Don’t give away your power to these sociopaths. 

Quick, well produced videos that get right to the point.  Thank you Aaron and Melissa, I’ll be regularly posting your material on this blog from now on. 

9/11 Truth on Mainstream Media. Real and Powerful Evidence.

Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth.  Congratulations for finally making it onto Mainstream Media.  You should’ve been interviewed immediately when it came to this of your knowledge and expertise.  I am relieved to finally see this!  Hopefully this will get people to know all the facts about 9/11 and make a proper, informed decision based upon truth and evidence, not lies and propaganda.