Humans of Gaza

The situation in Gaza should be looked at from a human perspective, not any “so called” barriers to the individual you see through the screen or in person.  Humans of Gaza is a project created by Monther Rasheed, a Photo Journalist living in the Gaza Strip and Nazih, a Marketer and Proof Reader from Austria.  This is a project that focuses on sharing the stories of the beautiful people who live there and bridging the gap of distance with the power of the internet and social media. 

Learn more about the people who live here – every human has a story to tell.
Hello. My name is Monther and I live in Gaza. I am a big fan of the Facebook Page Humans of Gaza and I thought that I should also take the chance to tell the people out there about the humans who live here and are widely forgotten or unknown. We will only have limited time for sharing photos, because electricity is limited to only a few hours daily.

I am a hobby photographer and student of journalism, but I would love to earn money someday with both. So if you are interested in getting touch with me for business reasons, please contact me via e-mail.

A great song by a Hip Hop artist named Lowkey, discussing the situation in Gaza and bringing knowledge to the listener:


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