Save Gaza – Save the World: A Message to Humanity by Max Igan

freedom models flags palestine gaza activism free 1920x1080 wallpaper_www.knowledgehi.com_19

People have been led to believe there is a war going on between Palestine and Israel.  Look at the facts not the propaganda, there is no war, there aren’t two armies, there is just one highly advanced army carrying out a slow genocide against a nation of mostly children.  Average age of the 1.8 Million Palestinians living in Gaza Strip is 17.  They are a nation of children.  They don’t have the knowledge, tools or help from the outside world to escape this horrible situation that is why we must care and shine the light of truth on this situation before it is too late.  We must Free Gaza and Free Palestine.

More information on the situation in Gaza Strip/Palestine:

For a hub of information on this horrible situation, check out this web page:


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