Making the Darkness Conscious – The Awakening of the Heart


*Listen to this song while you read the words below.  This post will be purely from the heart.  

We all have that moment.  That moment you stop and feel something is just not right here, something is very wrong.  Maybe you felt it as a kid, or as a young adult or even now that your much older.  You may have buried that feeling for a long time or maybe you contemplated and thought about it.  Maybe you decided to listen to it and not bury it, to see where it goes.  You try and use the old ways you know to see who else listened to it and what path they took.  You try to see what pattern they followed, to give you some guidance.  Yes, you find guidance but you eventually realize that it is merely that, just a guide, you have to walk this path yourself and no one but you can figure that out.  It is a lonely but empowering realization that you have to start listening to yourself, to your mind, to your heart.

The lies, the confusion, the evil, the apathy, the ignorance.  It pushes so many away, so many good souls.  No one told you how hard and alienating this path could be nor that anyone knew the path was there, deep within the darkness of the forest, off the well-used trail.  In that forest though, in the darkness you see life in a new way.  You hear the stillness, feel the movement, smell the earth, see the colors, taste the air and even, see everything as unique but connected.  You decide to sit down for a moment with this new awareness and you see a beam of light pouring into the forest.  The light looks so beautiful and powerful, you can see the dust flowing through it, feel the heat on your skin and you know, in your heart this is why you came here.  To bring this light with you through the darkness, to appreciate it and understand both.  The forest was dying without the breath of the sun, it was imbalanced and the divine spark was fading.  It is not that the darkness itself is evil or that the light is only positive, it is that they both need to be in harmony, they need each other like the feminine needs the masculine, the right brain hemisphere needs the left, the mind needs the heart.

I’ve found that the next step of awakening after the mind is fully turned on and you accept the Truth of what is going on in this planet and within ourselves, is truly feeling with the heart.  Feeling, everything…  It takes a lot of care and courage to take that first step and keep walking when you don’t know how far down you will be walking or if you will ever stop for that matter.  You don’t even know if there are any others in this forest with you.  You know others have walked through this place before and you know many others are walking through forests right at this very moment, you just hope others will see your footprints and know they and you, aren’t alone.  Sometimes you even see other side paths diverging from the one you walk, you contemplate if you should go there or not.  What if you get lost?  What if you never find your way back to the path?  You decide to take it no matter what happens, maybe there is something you need to see there.  It looks too dense to be walking through, there hasn’t been anyone here in a long time, maybe you should just turn back.  Curiosity and courage keeps you moving forward.  You stumble on something, get cut, and fall face down into the dirt.  Struggling to breath you cry, your so far away from home, you forget why you even came to this place.  What’s the point of all the loneliness, confusion and pain?  Why even bother, you think, when all of a sudden you feel something by your foot, the very place you fell.  Turning over, you see a small shine but there is so much dirt on this object you can’t tell what it is.  Picking it up and dusting it off, a beautiful quartz crystal emerges.  You smile and now you know why you came here.  You wrap the crystal gently in your hand as you hear water flowing nearby and walk towards the sound.  Washing both the crystal and yourself off you feel revived and can see how beautiful the crystal truly is.  It’s structure is pure, glistening in the sun and refracting light in all directions.  You feel a great sense of gratitude for being here, right now, and all that you’ve been through.


Awakening the heart is one of the most painful but beautiful experiences you can have.  It allows you to feel on a level you never felt before.  At first it is difficult because what you mainly feel is your own pain and loss from having your own worldview shattered, only to try and make a new more beautiful structure with those pieces, it is hard to truly feel what others are feeling, on a deep level.  Initially, on the Path of Truth, you do on some level but it is hard to take at first when you are breaking your own self down.  The later identity you make is always more beautiful than it was to begin with when you realize, this is how we once were.  This is not just the feeling of something new but the remembrance of something we once were.  Before we were manipulated, before our minds were warped and our species traumatized and enslaved.  Part of that rebuilding process is forgiveness of these conditions so that our energy is no longer taken from us.  We must not forget these acts and make sure they do no happen again but that does not mean we can’t let them go and let the energy heal once and for all.  Because those who control us, who torture and destroy us are incomplete and broken beings themselves.  Somewhere along the line they lost their true selves.

Earth is the Heart Chakra of this solar system.  When you see the suffering of an animal, the confusion of a war torn child, the despair of a homeless man, the tears of the Earth, you are using your right brain and your heart, together.  You are a fully awakened and conscious being.  Why do you think the control system wants to numb everything, to hide everything, to conceal everything, to sanitize everything?  It is to keep us from thinking, to keep us from feeling, to keep us from ourselves and our connection to the All.  Once we see our own individuality and how it is connected to Source and everything around us, we take back our power and are beyond all control.  We don’t need a Revolution as that’s just another cycle, we need an Evolution.  Revolution has something in the way of Love spelled backwards, Evol and that is, an R.  In Green Language the R sounds like “Our,” Our Love, and that is a selfish way to be with Love.  There is no “Our Love” there is just Love.  Evolution has nothing standing in the way of Love spelled backwards.  We need to Love Ourselves and Our World.  We are, Divine.  We are, Free.

Science of the Heart

Heart Power


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