Shane AKA The Ruiner Speaks Out – Ex Illuminati Member

An Ex-Illuminati member, Shane, AKA The Ruiner, speaks out in this fascinating interview.  I really like the man’s tone and it feels like he’s just a regular guy who is speaking about what he knows.  I don’t sense any deception or foul play with him and I feel he’s working on the side of humanity and freedom for this planet.  He gets into his work in the different programs and his telepathic communications with Giants that are in stasis around the world.  Shane talks about who the “Parents” are and how the Illuminati is in dissaray as the Draco White Royals have left the scene and the power structure is currently in chaos, not only due to the Dracos leaving, but the energetic shift we are going through.  He discusses ETs and recommends people not getting too hung up on names and dates as it causes a lot of confusion.  The big picture is more important than all the small details which are much more difficult to agree upon.   He explains how learning the truth and using discernment has a feeling of remembrance to it, that’s very useful when trying to navigate the vast amount of information that we found ourselves in these days.

He calls himself The Ruiner because he is hoping to help ruin some of the Illuminati plans while he does his work, since he’s already been great at that throughout his life.  Corey Goode and David Wilcock are brought up and it is good to see he has no quarrel with them and wishes both of them the best.  I hope this brings some peace to the division between the Truth Community that has been going on since the whole Blue Avian concept was brought to people’s attention with Corey Goode’s testimony.

Shane’s Blog:  This was meant for Illuminati members still involved in the programs/cults/etc…but is very useful for the awakened public.


One thought on “Shane AKA The Ruiner Speaks Out – Ex Illuminati Member

  1. I thought the interview was deep and very heavy but I have no doubts about it being true nor do I doubt that Shane is being dishonest. Sure one could do research and aquire almost as much info but not all and possibly pull it off but not likely. It’s not even the information it’s his demeanor and his sort of ‘take it or leave it’ and up to the individual to decide as well as looking at the big picture and discouraging the need for details right now. We all have a lot of work to do to make the necessary changes to save our amazing planet, our Mother Earth as well as mankind. We have to get the info out faster and further so people don’t fall into the deceit even more and be controlled or turn on your neighbor. We are American, we’re proud, we stick together and we fight together!! We can’t let them divide us. No more turning the other cheek, Hoping for the best isn’t going to do it anymore. While Prayers and Meditation will help it’s going to take a lot more to rid this planet of the evil that awaits to enslave us of our freedom, of our lives and our future. When Satan reminds you of your past, it’s ‘Us’ that needs to remind him of his future. God Bless and NEVER GIVE UP YOUR GUNS! ITS TIME TO WAKE UP AND DEAL WITH THE REALLY PEOPLE..


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