Entertainment + Music Industry Co-Opted by Dark Occultists

Think all of this is still a coincidence?  ALL of these artists holding up 666, pyramid, horns, one eye and a myriad of other signs?  (One Eye in Positive Terms = Enlightenment, Pyramid w/ Eye in Center = Balance of the Trinity…etc.)   They are either willing or un-willing slaves to these industries.  Why do you think Britney Spears shaved her head?  She did it as a rebellious act against her handlers and also against her Monarch Mind Control.

What is Monarch Mind Control?  Check the link below.



Not all symbols are evil, in fact, MOST have been Co-Opted by the Dark Occultists (AKA Illuminati).  Check out this link below to learn how to re-take our symbols and help them regain their power and usefulness for good and NOT evil.  Remove the Fear from these Symbols and see them for what they really are.



An example of positive Occult (Hidden) Symbolism.  All Occult means is Hidden.  That word itself must be understood by the majority of humanity in order for us to be Free.


2 thoughts on “Entertainment + Music Industry Co-Opted by Dark Occultists

  1. Wow that is so creepy and weird to think this is actually going on OMG, thanks for sharing. The video you first embedded about this satanic epidemic was from a man on YouTube called Mortis the Wizard. I became curious and watched his other videos just now and my mind is literally spinning. I’m still trying to take it all in but he appears to have some serious evidence of him and the devil and other spirits having conversations together like it was a casual phone call or something, they are talking back and forth and asking each other questions etc. I don’t think he worships the devil or anything and it seems to be his research but are you able to verify if this is real or not and write your findings in a new article? Everyone writing in his comments seem to believe its legitimate and that scares me the most for some reason. I really respect your opinion and work, that’s why I ask.

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    1. Sorry for the late response but I feel this Mortis guy is speaking to a Luciferian consciousness. There’s nothing to be afraid of this though since Source and your divine essence are much more powerful than this fallen consciousness. Look into the work of Gregg Braden and Bruce Lipton to see this powerful creative force we have within ourselves.


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