We Already ARE in the Zombie Apocalypse! (Truth Comedy)

Tivon and Hope touch on something so critical yet not touched upon enough.  The massive divide occurring between people who question reality and the status quo and those who will violently attack those who do.  It is like an infection and not just a science fiction film.  People who do not like you questioning reality and their comfort zone WILL try and make you re-conform back to the “old ways,” AKA the way you thought before your initial awakening jolt.  They often will try to take attack your ability to think and use your brains by “feeding” off of them.

The Cabal/NWO/Illuminati don’t even need to do much anymore, they just keep the mind control program running in the populace and the people will self-regulate themselves.  Of course, a small but expanding minority is resisting this program and literal virus but it also seems that those entrenched in their belief systems are getting all the more aggressive and immoral.  I myself have felt like people would literally kill me for asking the tough questions and separating them from their group think poisoned worldview.  They don’t like to be separated from other zombies!  😉  Of course, there are still many that have been “bitten” by this dark worldview that can heal themselves or be healed by the work and “medicine” of others.  It’s all about finding your own cure and staying sane in this crazy world we live in.


2 thoughts on “We Already ARE in the Zombie Apocalypse! (Truth Comedy)

  1. I definitely agree, but I somehow have hope for humanity. In my experience, just about everyone is at least curious and at most invigorated and inspired by very careful engagement beyond what social norms and cultural conditioning dictate. By careful, I mean that you can’t just blast people with stuff, you have to hold their hand and walk there together.

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    1. Thank you for the comment! I have hope for humanity as well and I am trying to refrain from the whole “sheep/sheeple” terminology with people because I think it’s degrading, even if someone refuses to listen. We have all been subjected to heavy amounts of mind control, indoctrination, poisoning, and a competitive and cruel system. To solely blame people is wrong and those who can think independently of the system usually had some type of trauma or shock to shake them out of the trance that the mainstream worldview has put upon people.

      It is important, like you said, to speak to people carefully and with compassion and empathy. It’s like seeing meat eaters attack vegans and vegans attack meat eaters. Both calling each other ignorant or uncaring where they should find some common ground and work together instead of constantly degrading the other. Again, thanks for the comment. I hope to blog more in the future and I’ll also check out your site soon.

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