A Woman Speaks Out Against the Neo-Feminism Agenda!

Jana explains how women have fallen for the false ideas of what a man should be.  That a man’s value, should, according to the Dark Occult, be based upon trivial bank notes and financial figures, status, materialism and how much of a dominator or an economic slave he is.  She breaks this down and sends a heartfelt apology to falling under the manipulation that the social engineers have put her mind and her heart under for far too long.  Neo-Feminism pits women against men and has nothing to do with pride in being a woman.  It is based upon the artificial woman and man, not the beautiful beings both men and women TRULY are.

Neo-Feminism is all about worshiping money and the state.  Morality is of no concern, no matter how the social engineers and followers of this propaganda want to spin it.  It is about surrendering your true self, your inner light to an external entity.  Of course, men have fallen for this as well, believing that this is truly “what women want,” when it could not be further from what they truly desire, deep down in their heart.

I truly thank you Jana for having the courage to speak out against this evil agenda and helping bring men and women closer together and not further apart.

Also, I highly recommend everyone check out Mark Passio on YouTube and his site, whatonearthishappening.com.  Go through the podcasts #183 – #186 for more information on Neo-Feminism and how it is dividing men and women.  Podcast can be found here:  http://www.whatonearthishappening.com/podcast

I put a picture of the main characters of Avatar in this because I feel it is a perfect allegory for the topic of Neo-Feminism.  It shows the true nature of both men and women.  A woman being a strong nurturer, connected with the world around her and her people.  A woman willing to defend herself and the ones she loves, not wait for someone else to protect her.  Valuing both physical and spiritual gifts, valuing what truly matters instead of illusions.  A man not willing to follow orders anymore and do what is right.  A man willing to defend his loved ones and the people/creatures of the planet he was ordered to destroy, yet said no and chose the right path, the middle path.  The path of Truth.



2 thoughts on “A Woman Speaks Out Against the Neo-Feminism Agenda!

  1. Great post! Here are the notes I have so far on the topic:

    Neo-Feminism and feminism are antithetical. Feminism was born out of a social demand for equality. Neo-Feminism was thought up in the following groups and movements: The Tavistock Institute Of Human Relations, The Frankfurt School, Marxism, Socialism, Communism, Nazism, Antonio Gramsci’s Plan, and The Fabian Society. Neo-Feminism is an epieugenic operation (an epigenetic eugenics agenda that operates through mind control).

    While classical feminism seeks to establish equal rights, Neo-Feminism seeks to diminish the whole socio-sexual cohesion between the sexes in order to perpetuate a eugenics agenda that attempts to emasculate the warrior spirit of males that would otherwise stand up to the violence of the state, while wedding the compassionate spirit of females to the same violent state.

    And here is a playlist of Mark’s work on this material: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOMeqiktComZBbBtj2mkE27FrRnrqbJ7g

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    1. As always, well researched and well said Zach. Thank you for that background. I couldn’t remember all the various groups and movements who engineered this agenda.


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