The Working World – Modern Slavery And How to Escape It

This video below embodies the constant slave-like jobs the vast majority of us deal with on a day to day basis to make pieces of paper, called “money,” we believe we need in order to survive.  Unfortunately, so few don’t believe in money right now that if you stopped working or making it, you would go homeless and be on in the streets.  That has to change.  We have to all question the long-held belief that we NEED money to survive.  Does it exist it nature?  Not at all.  It is a construct of our own minds, our collective minds.  The more of us that question it, the faster we can build a world based on TRUE money.  Food, Water, Clean Air, Free Energy, Community, Love, Peace, Knowledge, Wisdom…those are the REAL monies of the world.

The mass anger people are feeling in response to the monotonous jobs we “have to do” is building up and can be a very useful tool in finally freeing ourselves from this slavery.  Jobs and work itself, beat people up, cause emotional, financial, relationship and virtually any other type of problem you could imagine because it literally drains the life out of us.  We don’t have time to pursue what we truly desire while working 40+ Hours a week, causing internal conflict which manifests as a chaotic world that is severely in a state of imbalance.  This video below offers a great solution to this overarching problem in our world.

We need to all say NO to Slavery, NO to Money, NO to Evil. 



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