A Possible Event for Some to Join… “Replacing super-bowl sunday with Sacred Chalice Sunday”

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replacing_super_bowl_sunday_with_sacred_chalice_sundayI rarely join FB events, but this came through very strongly for myself, personally. So I pass along. (see this related post)

I did notice that the “super bowl sunday” had no caps, which I kind of liked. And this goes along with this prior post of Untwine’s, whose full article is linked below, in the Star Gazer event text.

Hosted by Star Gazer.


Replacing super-bowl sunday with Sacred Chalice Sunday

Reclaiming the energy distortions perpetuated through “Super Bowl Sunday”. in addition to our regular weekly Liberation Meditation actions…


I propose we add another element to it to reclaim the distortions perpetuated by this satanic ritual used to harvest sacred sexual energy. I propose we reinvent it to be Sacred Chalice Sunday… and work alongside Dou Mu, who Cobra has said is anchoring Divine Feminine energies on the planet for the liberation process.

Untwine has mentioned…

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