Nature Of Reality – Weekly Wednesday Postings From Now On


I’m going to start posting a weekly radio show titled, Nature Of Reality, from either the past or present on Wednesdays from this moment forward.  Reason being is I feel the show is VERY open minded and brings out some of the greatest variety of guests and can and will expose people to new researchers and information.  The advantage of Nature of Reality Radio is that the host, Andrew, rarely interviews someone twice and is instead focused on getting the widest range of guests to discuss their specialty and what they can bring to the Puzzle called this reality.

Only recently have I started listening to this show and already have I found it incredibly valuable.  I want to share this with as many as possible and hope it can open minds and expand realities.

Eve Lorgen goes into intradimensionals, extraterrestrials, abductions, MILABS (Military Abductions)  mind control, suppression of the divine feminine and her specialty…”The Love Bite.”  If you want to find out what the Love Bite is, listen to this eye opening interview.

– For All


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