The Wisdom of Credo Mutwa

Credo Mutwa, a Zulu Shaman of South Africa, speaks on extraterrestrials, our origins and much more.



Shamans, natives, ancients and children…so often dismissed as just having colorful imaginations when more often then not they speak raw truth on a level of clarity misunderstood by much of the world, especially the West.  Here is a Shaman named Credo Mutwa, representing the Zulu People of South Africa.  What he says and how he says it will both hold your attention and amaze you.  Credo is a unique and incredibly knowledgeable individual who keeps the oral traditions alive with his words and his artifacts.  Thanks to the internet and books, knowledge similar to this has become widely known, albeit still not mainstream.  Many great alternative researchers exist today and information has never been more global in scope although there are times when confusion sets in and you begin to question what you are learning.  What is true what is not?  What is real and what is not?  What is the agenda?  Upliftment or destruction?  There are few better ways to corroborate what you have learned then to listen to the children and shamans.  Here is a prime example of that fact.

Credo, may you live as long as possible so you can share your wisdom and experience to the people of Earth.  Blessings be upon you my friend.

If you want to see the extensive interview Credo did with David Icke, check this link out below too.  Just allow yourself plenty of time before starting it!  It took me a week to finish it when I watched it.  Take your time.  Absorb all the information and do not rush it.

– For All

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