The Urban Farming Guys – Change from the Inner City, Out

Incredible what people can do as a group!  Cooperation trumps competition.  This is the way people need to start looking at each other and at the world.

These guys started out with very little money, no buildings and not even a solid plan.  Now look at them!  They have taken the exiles of society, the forgotten, the abandoned and gave them incredible, life changing new hope.

This inspires me to start a community like the one seen in this video.  It would be hard, no doubt, but the more communities like this there are, the more we can inspire AND change the world.  When people ask what can I do, they need to see this story and imagine that if one of the most violent, economically and socially struggling parts of Kansas City and the United States can make a change like this, then this can happen all over the world.

– For All


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