Historic Speech in Damascus sends Shockwaves around the World

Last week Gordon Duff, Senior Editor of Veterans Today delivered an Historic Keynote Speech at the International Conference on Combating Terrorism and Religious Extremism held in Damascus, Syria. This speech is sending shock-waves around the World.

Gordon Duff was part of a Veterans Today Senior Staff Delegation that traveled to Damascus and was in consultation with the Veterans Today Board and other like minded individuals within the American Military and Intelligence community and other such individuals from sixty-eight different nations around the World who were at the Conference.

This Delegation included Veterans Today Senior Editor *Gordon Duff, Veterans Today Managing Editor **Jim Dean, Veterans Today Director ***Colonel James Hanke, and Veterans Today Financial Editor ****Mike Harris.

Gordon Duff’s speech quickly changed the focus of the whole conference and is now sending shock-waves around the World in the various Diplomatic, Military and Intelligence corps around the World.

Why is his speech Historic? For a number of vitally important reasons. This speech is the first time in history an American Intelligence Team of “non-activists” gave a military briefing to an audience of this type, including key Military Leaders of diverse Tribal Forces throughout Lebanon, Syria and Iraq, along with a Russian delegation and many others from around the world. Before this historic speech by Duff, no one has ever dared to speak the simple truth about the true problem, that it is not Terrorism in the Mideast, but it is the effects of large scale international Organized Crime.

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Powerful speech by Gordon Duff.  It’s about time the true criminals are being identified publicly.  People who read books and the internet, the aware community of the world, have known who these criminals are for a long time.  For it to be spoken so clearly at Terrorism and Religious Extremism Conference is new ground.  This is not religion or terrorism related, this is complicated and high level International Organized Crime. 

The world has identified you, no more of this.  This is just the first step in the people’s revolution of this world.  The real revolution that will stay is the one of the mind.  Humanity has to look at it’s own internal problems because they are just as bad as this international crime cabal, since they hold up this very system that enslaves them.  Only then will we be truly free but this is a good start.

– For All


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