Cetaceans – What I’m Thankful for this Thanksgiving


We now recognize that there is another bonafide intelligent species that occupies our world besides us. They have been here for millions of years and have CONSCIOUSNESS.

Until now, the true nature of these amazing creatures has remained obscured to most people with the exception of a few who’ve recognized their unique and exquisite qualities. The ancient Greek philosopher, Aristotle, was one of the earliest on record to acknowledge them, while the famed, Oracle of Delphi, connected to them on a spiritual plane during that same time frame. During that Golden Age of Enlightenment, many higher states of consciousness were available to Humans; the likes of which have not been seen until our present time.Humans have only recently accepted Cetacea as part of our modern cultural matrix as in the past fifty years their species has made a conscious effort to gain our attention. And for good reason — we Humans have intruded upon their domain and assaulted and enslaved them, challenging their very existence on this Planet Ocean.The recorded history of the Human species has thus far demonstrated our propensity for violence and insensitivity to one another and our environment, but that cycle of existence is now passing. A new season of higher consciousness and connected awareness is now available to anyone who would wish to recognize it. The dolphins and whales are here to assist us in this transition to a shifted understanding of our connectivity. They have had eons of time to understand and use such expanded awareness of the multidimensional realms and stand ready to encourage such development on the part of Humans who are ready for this new level of evolution.Not only do Cetacea represent a decided shift in Human intellect by accepting another sentient race on the planet, but with this new association, may also be considered to be emotional balancing and healing agents for the troubled hearts of mankind. Add to this the understanding that dolphins and whales represent a Spiritual manifestation on the physical plane, and it moves to establish an even higher consciousness connection for all to observe and become a participant.Open up your minds and hearts to this new sensation and way of being. Feel the joy and peace of a Fifth Dimensional AwarenessPod Mind Mentality. It awaits your acceptance and realization. We are no longer alone in this Universe. We are awakening to who we really are: Lightbeings connected to the Source of All That Is. The Cetacea have anticipated this moment for three thousand years, inviting us to rejoin them in this joyful recognition and new understanding of this liberated state of being. I’m grateful for such an opportunity and invite you to join me in celebrating.


Visit the Site Here

Cetaceans are beautiful, sentient beings who deserve our love and acknowledgment.  This site (Link above in bold) has great information on these amazing healers and conscious beings. 

And this other site has great 432 hertz music which has one song with cetacean sounds called, “Into the Blue.”  It is a song for healing, anxiety, sleep, and deep relaxation. 


http://www.zengardner.com/440hz-music-conspiracy-detune-us-natural-432hz-harmonics/   Additional information on 432 hertz.

– For All


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