Earthlings – One of the Hardest but Most Important Documentaries You’ll Ever Watch

This is the hardest but most powerful video I watched on our relationship to animals.  Their rights, what we do to them, and what goes on under our noses whether or not we are aware of it.  Animals are sentient beings which deserve a life free of pain and suffering from human hands, a life where they can live free and follow their natural instincts.  They deserve to be protected by the law of nature and we need to uphold that law if we want to be moral, conscious beings who want a free world, not a world dominated by violence and control. 

I thought I just wanted to be vegetarian, now I’m considering Vegan in due time.  I will be much more conscious of what I buy and what I support from now on.  This is more then just a dietary choice, it really is a lifestyle choice. 

Take your time with this one.  It really wrenches your heart.  And bless you if you have the courage to watch this, you are stronger then you know. 

– For All

Warning:  This is Explicit Content and not for the faint of heart, but VERY important if you can/are willing to watch it.

Subtitle Version

Non-Subtitle Version


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