Mark Passio’s Natural Law Seminar – Required Base Knowldege for ALL BEINGS

I know I have posted on this before but I feel I have to re-post this with more tags and more of an emphasis.  It is THAT IMPORTANT. 

Go into these presentations with an open but skeptical mind.  A balanced mind, willing to look at new knowledge but not instantly believe it either.  I respect Mark greatly for stating this and explaining how one should be balanced in mind to be teachable and ready to receive new information while putting BELIEFS aside. 

This takes time to learn and may be split upon days (Which I am doing, re-watching this series for a second time because I feel it is invaluable wisdom) or even weeks.  Whatever amount of time and attention it takes to learn this, take that time.  You will greatly benefit from this series.  You will understand Free Will and Natural Law better then the majority of humanity which is still unaware of these principles. 

This will remain a “Featured Post” for awhile as I feel I need to expose as MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE to this knowledge.  Mark puts it into a very easy to understand format.  You can understand this information and gain an understanding of being said here, regardless of how intelligent or not intelligent you think you are.  If you look at this with a balanced mind, then you automatically are showing TRUE INTELLIGENCE. 

– For All


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