Get Offended as You Like – Mark Passio

*Warning – Some Explicit Content.  Turn back now if you don’t want to hear passion in someone’s words/speech. 

It may be “harsh” to some, but it is the complete truth!  I have immense respect for Mark for never mincing words and explaining EXACTLY how people are controlled and have so little grasp on who they are.  Not to mention how there is blame to be cast and responsibility to be understood and respected. 

If you initiate violence on someone else who has NOT attacked your own personal being, you are committing a COMPLETELY IMMORAL ACT.  Doing so is criminal.  If you are using the principle of self-defense and are in the MORAL RIGHT to defend yourself, you are respecting not only yourself but Natural Law and have every right to do so.  Otherwise, you are going against Natural Law and disrespecting yourself, humanity and the universe itself! 

Your owners…and yes you HAVE OWNERS, utterly mock you and laugh at you.  They call you their dogs!  This comes from Mark Passio, someone who was in the Dark Occult and learned and heard with his own ears how they viewed police and military.  As just that.  Tools to be used as they saw fit.  It is an endless joke for them.  Do you really want to be someone’s utter laughing stock and tool?  Those who are in these institutions need to do some SERIOUS SELF REFLECTION and HEALING. 

Yes.  I myself have went a “bit off” on this post, but sometimes it just needs to come out that way when you are passionate about something and know the types of people holding HUMANITY BACK.  I’m ready for a new world of peace, prosperity, upholding Natural Law and true technological and spiritual revolution.  Unfortunately, many people are still content with this slave existence because hey, “I’m doing just fine over here!  Doesn’t matter how the rest of the world is doing because I am FINE!”  And I’m sorry but people with this mindset are holding ME and the rest of HUMANITY back so I do blame them.  Because I am doing everything I can to take full responsibility for my thoughts, emotions and actions and act in a moral way.  I may not be perfect, but I know I am damn well not part of the problem!  I am trying to be a part of the solution.  So stop holding us back police and military and every other person who doesn’t understand themselves NOR CARE TO! 

If you ADMIT YOU WERE WRONG for being in such institutions, then I once again have respect for you.  Because you admitted what most people cannot and took responsibility for your actions and awareness.  Those words are, “I WAS WRONG.”

– For All



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