Iran is Not Our Enemy

Nor is Venezuela, Mexico, El Salvador, Yemen, Syria, Iraq, China, Afghanistan, Libya, Chile, Kuwait, Pakistan, Somalia, Sudan, Palestine…..

But Zionism sure is 😉

Not to be confused with Jews, Zionism is a nasty political/satanic ideology which Zionists use to perpetuate war across the globe, infect the US with it’s ideas, and wage genocide on Palestine!



War is Peace

Ignorance is Strength

Freedom is Slavery



2 thoughts on “Iran is Not Our Enemy

  1. Iran is an evil nation, war loving, supporter of terrorism and full of extremist leaders.

    If ignorance is strength, it is only strength for Iranian leaders, keeping the people of Iran in the dark, lying to their people and suppressing any freedom of speech.



    Read this article run by our own veterans about the situation between the US and Iran. Secondly, those were quotes from George Orwell’s 1984, depicting a dystopian future…one which has many parallels to our current world. It was actually sarcasm. Due to mind control tactics run on “we the people” ,thanks to the CIA, we look at our specific divisons and racial groups as the “enemy.”

    Some say it’s the bankers.
    Some say it’s the Jews.
    Some say it’s that we just need to get the right people in power.

    Always missing the real controlling force behind this. Our own mind control/programming and the ever weakening cabals of both Europe and the US/Israel. If we don’t come together and identify those who seek to manipulate, dominate and divide humanity, we will never move past these endless conflicts between each other and we will never stop hurting ourselves and our planet, Gaia.


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