The Truth About Twin Flames

Amazing, amazing video!  Speaks a lot of truth to me.

Relationships are cast in our society as having to be this perfect thing when that’s just not how it works.  It’s a nice bit of brainwashing we’ve undergone but these twin flame experiences really can help break that and accelerate your growth and transformation process. 

– For All


2 thoughts on “The Truth About Twin Flames

  1. Everything you said, I feel at a core level as truth. I too, know how strange it is to have this higher understanding of love in it’s absolute purity… true, universal and unconditional rather than selective, special, romantic, possessive etc. It can feel like being the sober one or designated driver on a night full of beings up to drunken shenanigans. Relationships are not always easy in that vein. Definitions of love are often like apples and oranges. I so appreciate your desire to share this perspective. Blessings to you and your work. ~ Angelina

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  2. Thank you Angelina for the great comment! Love the comparison of being the sober one or designated driver. Angelica is an amazing soul who brought a lot of perspective to me about what Twin Flames are and how, even if they are an incredibly tough experience with a lot of ups and down, brings out the unconditional love in us and helps us develop to amazing new levels.


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