Incredible New Interview! Simon Parkes – Alfred Lambremont Webre

So a man who get’s attacked by the pack “AKA the Mainstream Media in Britain,” when he went public with his family history and ET interactions ends up getting elected to Town Counselor!  What positive news.  If the people will look past the mainstream media’s attacks this much and willingly elect someone with Secret Society and ET background and connections, I hold a lot of faith in humanity’s moving forward. 

Not to mention the recent shift of the Federal Reserve and IMF to the Dragon Family.  If your not familiar with the Dragon Family they are a positive Asian Secret Society that is making big but slow and careful moves against the cabal (IMF and FED acquisition being their most recent and most important to date). 

Looks like things are finally coming together for truth and removal of the cabal.  It will take time, so as not to allow any more cabal rats or schemes to surface and infect the progress, but we will be free in the near future!  We work together, support who supports us, and do everything we can, this journey will not even be that hard. 

Let’s make it happen. 

Stay informed.  Stay ground.  Stay the course. 

– For All


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