Crisis Actors being used in Liberia for Fake Ebola Outbreak. Wow. See for yourself.

*Just a note, I did use one cuss word in this because this situation is not only ridiculous but it angers me to see how much manipulation is here*

The guy at the end gets paid…you literally can see the wad of cash in his right hand behind his back pocket!  Not to mention his son looks pretty damn healthy for a late case of ebola.  He even manages to sit up right as the “hospital” doors are opening.  I’m sorry but I’ve seen people more sick from a common cold then how this guy looks. 

I can’t say I understand the purpose for the green color yet but I can tell its being used as a subconscious propaganda tool.  If it wasn’t then why does every African who gets the spotlight have a bright green shirt on? 

Lastly, just look at how casual everyone looks.  I mean no one seems that afraid, sick or all that concerned for that matter.  I’ve heard drunk people moan more then these critically ill patients who still have color in their skin, life in their eyes and look around to see if the camera is still on them…

Everyone has to play their part in exposing the fraud that is this ebola situation. 

If you have ANY doubts whatsoever that this is a fear campaign, watch this high quality video by Alfred Webre:

– For All


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