Patrick Fitzgerald Floated for Top Attorney General Spot… One step closer to NESARA?

Big news here! Looks like everything is starting to come together…finally. Let us all stay strong, support those who are for humanity’s freedom and evolution and oust all those who are against us for good! I call it caring justice because not all wanted to be in the Illuminazi/Zionist/Satanic system and many were born into or stuck into it. As long as they are willing to fully change, let them change. Otherwise, enough. Your time is up. Stop holding us back and destroying us and this planet. We have a destiny in space. Let’s begin.

Starship Earth: The Big Picture

Patrick Fitzgerald’s connection to NESARA: At least 100,000 Cases have been considered by 56 Grand Juries over the last 4 years, by Patrick Fitzgerald, in the US. Their Sealed Indictments are ready to be unsealed and made public. These ones will go…or have already been taken to the World Court in the Hague…for War Crimes Trials & sentencing. Another condition for Announcement is the disclosure of the Galactic Presence and their Involvement in planetary affairs. It is not yet known whether this will be Full Disclosure or progressive disclosures over some weeks… Read More about Patrick Fitzgerald & NESARA →

According to these articles, a soft disclosure campaign has already begun:

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