Born to Fail, Built to Win

Here’s such a truthful song about being born into a world of slavery but moving beyond it.  Healing yourself and becoming stronger then the controllers of this world every wanted you to be.  An enlightened, awakened, empowered human being.  Know yourself and build yourself up to win over the fear. 

First time seeing past the matrix of illusion:


This is how it feels to first wake up to the slave world and see it for what it really is. 


And this is how it feels to acknowledge your true self, your higher self.  Because once you see the world for what it is, you have the power to move beyond it and reconnect with yourself and your true power.  And that is the journey of awakening. 

And another positive song with deep meaning and such a beautiful female singer.  Invokes so much emotion I love this song.  Lost Children of Babylon are another great group who talk about important topics and speak the truth about them with great beauty and artistry.  I highly recommend checking them out if you enjoy this song. 


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