What NASA Wrote About

Very interesting that these documents came out when they did, in the 90’s.  Quite accurate to what’s going on now isn’t it?  Hmmmm.  Amazing hard evidence on what is going on.  You can forget how in-your-face some of this material is, and for them not to really care if people read it?  That shows the state of denial most people are in.  I was there myself, almost all of us were.  Just like the scene in the matrix, where Natural Born people were the minority and cyborgs/machines were the majority.  Although what happened in the Matrix?  People were fighting the system and becoming free of the machines just as I think we can do now. 

If you feel that way then your probably one of the new souls here.  I know I do.  Look up Dolores Cannon if you want to know more about hypnotherapy and what I’m talking about. 


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