Ice Bucket Deception

Stop this mind control programming now people.  “Everyone’s doing it,”  “It’s for a good cause,”  Ya…right.  All phrases for you to ACCEPT EVIL and not say no to it or research it.  Be sovereign.  Stop thinking this control system isn’t part of every part of our world.  It is and it must be exposed!  Look into everything.  Question everything.  This is allowing people to be marked for a future mass ritual. 

A GOOD cause is to inform people about this, not to do it!  Most will not listen I’m sure, I’m not that naive but you have to try.  Some will listen. 

You want to support a good cause? Spread total freedom and legaliztion of cannabis everywhere and support that.  It is a major healer and a spiritual opener which we have the human RIGHT to use. 

Stop.  Being.  Manipulated. 

Stand up for yourself and Humanity. 

I love you all.  Stay aware.  Question everything. 


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