How Many of Us Feel

Just hit the playlist button at the top left and click on the August 22nd video.  The one embedded is the wrong one and I cannot fix it.

This guy really captured how I’ve been feeling…how, we’ve been feeling.  I’m a very positive person but sometimes this world brings me down.  Human life supposedly is the hardest incarnation in our universe!  I don’t doubt it one bit.  We are here to change this world, this reality, together.  Just like this man, I wanted change years ago.  I was ready by the beginning of 2013!  But nothing.  More promises, more nothing.  I know we’ll get through this.  I know things are changing, but I just need to see it here, on the physical plane. 

And then I recently heard about Orgone.  That gives me hope.  Imagine the majority of humanity using this energy and spreading its power throughout the world.  I just ordered a few products and can’t wait for these life-force energies to help me!  If your going through a tough time, like many of us are, I recommend assistance from orgone.  It’s an amazing energetic force.  The video does all the explaining. 


Imagine the courage it would take to face something like what Gandalf is in the above picture?  Oh wait, that’s what we’re doing now haha! And listen to this song to give you strength.  It takes REAL heart and courage to stand against this darkness and not give in.  It is easy to destroy, nothing special in that.  Creation is special, unique and to be protected and cared for.  So lets take care of this problem, and heal ourselves, our planet, and get these criminals out of here! 

Because I’m dying to see what it’d be like to teleport to New Zealand 🙂


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