Time for some Exercise and Yoga

So I’ve been into strength training, kettlebells and olympic-style lifts for awhile now and have decided to try something new…Yoga!  It’s fantastic.  Following Erin Motz’s YouTube Series and have been feeling so much more flexible, less in pain and my posture and body is balancing out in a way I never could happen.  Here’s her first video of a 30 Day Yoga Challenge which I’m currently running through:

And a little Russel Brand haha.  Seeing this guy’s transformation is something incredible.  Protestor, Meditator, Yogi, Truth Seeker.  Thoughts to Feelings to Actions.  Well done brother!

I didn’t even realize I was that out of alignment!  If you’ve never tried it before, please consider it.  No matter what type of fitness/sport your into, Yoga can improve your health, state of mind and well being. 

Dr. Mercola
Waking Times

Exercise is one of the most important factors for optimal health, and there are countless ways to get your exercise each day. Even if you struggle with conditions such as arthritis, osteoporosis, multiple sclerosis (MS), or chronic back pain that limits your mobility, there are exercises that can help.

In cases where pain tends to inhibit your activity, it’s important to remember that inactivity can cause your muscles to become weaker and can actually increase pain and stiffness. So staying in motion is typically a better course of action.

Lower impact exercises such as yoga can not only give you the physical benefits of exercise, but may also help to alleviate pain or stiffness in such cases. Many yoga teachers offer routines specifically designed for certain conditions, such as arthritis or back pain, so you can look for a program that fits your specific needs.

But the benefits of yoga are by no means limited to those who may not be able to participate in more strenuous or high intensity types of activity. While I do believe you need to incorporate anaerobic exercise (high intensity interval training) for optimal health, there’s no doubt that yoga can be an important part of a comprehensive exercise program.

And research over the past few years, including several brand new studies, reveal potent mental and physical benefits from yoga—regardless of your current state of health or fitness.

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