Video Games = Satanic Mind Control

This is part 1 of 3.  I’m going to go through video games piece by piece and go through a couple that were my favorites.  1st being the Command and Conquer series.

This is a great video.  Only 15 minutes long.  I’m not saying I agree with everything this guy says, but everything he is talking about in relation to Satanic Imagery and how it changes you and controls you is spot on.  I don’t agree with Christianity either, although I do agree with a lot the Bible says and some teachings from Christianity.  Problem is it was hijacked a long time ago.  You don’t need organized religion, all you need is the force of truth and love!  Balanced and non-dual.  Find Source within yourself, connect with your higher spiritual self, your TRUE self.  We are all holographic fragments of God born from a vast sea of light, and that’s based on a book of science I read by a cutting edge researcher, Alfred Lambremont Webre.  The book its from is “The Dimensional Ecology of the Ominverse” if anyone is interested.  Fantastic read. 


This is a hard post for me…I loved games for the majority of my life.  I always used the phrases, “It’s just a game/ I know better/ Just for fun.”  All lies of the state of denial I was in.  I grew up on them when I was a little kid, when I was in something called a “Hypnogogic Trance.”  We all go through it.  It’s a stage of early life where we are absorbers of information.  We have no discernment then, we are too young.  That is where my love of video games was heavily ingrained into my mind. 

dd395-Clas (site)

Command and Conquer was the first game I became heavily indoctrinated with at like 4 years old…Anyone familiar with it will know the iconic NOD symbolism and their dark occultic religion they wanted to spread to the world.  If you are not familiar with it, it is a Real Time Strategy Game they were two sides are played off each other.  The NOD are always made to be looked at as the cooler, sleeker group.  That they are new and innovative and are ready to change the world for the better.  They even became cybernetic in the later games!   Forsaking their own humanity for power!  :/  I can admit the NOD were my favorite team too, over the other team, the Global Defense Initiative (GDI, which the NOD show their hate for in one of the pictures below.)


Obvious heirarchy in this picture with their leader, Kane, in the front.


Where do I start.  Third Eye symbolism hijacked by dark occultists represented by the Red Triangle in the center of the forehead.  It’s clearly saying that to be awakened, you must sacrifice your humanity for more and more power.  The NOD have a unit that’s cybernetic called awakened one!


Death to the infidels…wow.  Clearly stating there are people who need to be “cleansed” from the earth through blood.  AKA the useless eaters the Satanists/Illuminati/Zionists (All the same thing) want to eliminate.  Programming your mind again and again.  Lets go through a few more.


Peace is never gained by power over others and violence, but they sure are trying to program you.  This is in a temple and they soldiers are in almost religious-like garb, inviting you into their cult with guns wide open. 


NOD’s belief in “dark gods.”  Lower case “g” since those are no gods.  They have removed themselves from oneness consciousness and love into a vibration of self and fear. 

kane-20070914043431219-2122486 kane_time

Last ones.  Kane symbolizing the pyramidal luciferian sign and a sly grin on his face showing his control, power and status. 

This stuff is everywhere people.  In games we love.  Movies we watch.  Music we hear.  It’s not bad accident this is all here.  No way.  Not even close.  Deprogram yourself.  Heal.  I know it’s hard to walk away from so much you have grown up with, but you need to look inside, see if this is right, see if this is something you agree with anymore.  Do you want to spend your free time being subjected to dark occult symbolism again and again doing untold things to your subconscious mind!?  This changes who you are.  Our subconscious reacts to symbols, colors, basic themes like these.  Even if you THINK you don’t buy into it, your subconscious mind doesn’t care and it IS changing the way you think, feel and act.  Please know this and be aware of it.  I know I’m done with it.  All of it.  Next up is Starcraft since I actually just played it and finished it.  I guess that was my trigger to get away from games for good, especially being that Starcraft was one of my absolute favorites…just like this. 


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