Video Games = Satanic Mind Control Part 2

This post will be all about the game series called StarCraft, especially the newer ones which I remember best since they are fresh in my mind.  It is another Real-Time-Strategy Game but opposed to Command and Conquer it has 3 races.  Terran, Protoss, and Zerg, all quite different.  You mine resources, build bases, build and an army then destroy your enemies.  That’s the game in a nutshell.  If you want a quick summary of the original, here it is.  May be a little confusing, but you’ll get the idea.

One thing I have to mention is this race called the Xel-Naga and their wanting to merge two races together to create the “Eternal Swarm.”  This is clearly an Annunaki reference, since after years of research I’ve found the Annunaki pretty much created the human race as a slave race, like it or not, just like how the Zerg were created in this game.  To be good servants, follow orders and not to rebel.


These are the 3 different races.  I have to admit the game is very beautiful and fun to play.  This will be the hardest one for me to let go of, as I loved the space, sci-fi environments and many times I felt there were even some good themes, especially with Terran, Protoss and even Zerg at some times. The most recent one, Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm, really changed my mind about that since it was all about a Human-being giving in, once again, to the corruption of the Zerg to gain power to achieve vengeance.  Her name was Sarah Kerrigan. 


She was forsaken by a man named Arcturus Mengsk to die, as the planet was completely overrun by the Zerg.  The Zerg, being a hive mind being, decided she was more useful to take and corrupt then just to kill.  She was a highly trained operative called a Ghost as a human, having both psychic and physical powers.  Now watch her humanity fade away.  That’s the big theme with this new game.  It’s okay to let go of your humanity if you think its for a good cause.  There will never be a “good” cause where you give that up!  The only moral cause is when you always hold onto that, no matter what.


This is Kerrigan, as the leader of the Zerg army, called the Swarm.  They sure try and make evil look attractive in this.  Even with all the mutation and loss of humanity, you still see enough human in her face.  Her eyes are and face are glowing purple, symbolizing the power she has NOW that she has let go of her humanity fully. 


This picture, Kerrigan, now called the Queen of Blades, looks possessed almost.  This is her when she is using her powers, showing an almost demonic-like influence.  Zerg really emphasize completely control and hierarchy.  The have a false sense of unity, as the Swarm goes from divided to united but united under one being’s control, so all that is is slavery.  This race, the Zerg, pervert the idea of unity, saying to give away your individuality is fine as long as their is united vision.  You always can retain your individuality AND humanity.

Thats it for this part.  I’ll be doing the next post sometime tomorrow about Warcraft, probably one of the most popular games ever.  If you thought Starcraft had a lot of Satanic messages and imagery, just wait till Warcraft!  It’s not even as subtle. 


2 thoughts on “Video Games = Satanic Mind Control Part 2

  1. Bro the series isn’t done yet
    the themes haven’t completed
    Play Heart of the swarm
    Play Legacy of the void
    it’s good finding someone with an advanced consciousness like you, and an open mind.
    Don’t write off one of our favorite games yet? ok? ❤
    With love and Light


    1. Okay, I appreciate you bringing that point of view to me. I won’t write it off, trust me, Starcraft was and still is one of my favorite series out there. I guess as long as we all use discernment and don’t get too caught up in games we’ll stay ground.
      Love and light to you as well brother.


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