The Power of Cannabis

Cannabis cures cancer, among many other health problems.  Unfortunately this is overshadowed by the Pharamceutical Industry and the Cancer Industry which refuses to use this safe and powerful alternative to chemotherapy and drugs.  This documentary goes over how a man with cancer cured himself with cannabis oil and had his medicine taken away from him…People need to learn the potential of cannabis and stand up for it!  It is our right and it is one of mother nature’s most powerful herbs and gives us the ability to heal ourselves in many cases. 


I’m a big fan of reggae music, its not all about smoking pot, thats a TINY part of the music.  It is for peace, unity, freedom and even self defense.  Speaking out against violence, tyranny and injustices.  Bob Marley’s music touched on all of these subjects and his message was what mattered even if most people see/hear his name and automatically think about getting high.  It’s not about that.  It’s about simple, truthful, moral subjects and love.  I have great respect for reggae music for helping to bring this mindset out to people.  There are many great reggae artists these days and if you are ever interested in some smaller names in the scene.  Leave a comment or send an email!


Last point on cannabis is its a spiritual opener.  I know my mind and awareness opened vastly when I first started smoking and using cannabis.  There is a fine line between using it for spiritual/health purposes and overdoing it.  Anything can be overused.  Don’t abuse it and it is a GREAT tool for both your health and your spirituality.  Here’s some research:


Cats and balance 🙂


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