Time for Tough Love

This is probably one of the most important posts I will ever do. 

First things first…this post will probably piss a lot of people, and I’ll be honest…there’ll be some dark pictures in this post to help make a point.  Just an advance warning.  I serve truth and humanity and I know that means looking at EVERYTHING.  Especially ourselves.  I’m no New Ager, sorry if you get offended, if you don’t I congratulate you for being a truly awakened person.  So I was listening to Mark Passio’s 20th podcast and I realized this through and through.  Yes there is a dark Cabal that controls us.  Yes we have a satanic worldview as our core belief system.  Yes they have put us under severe mind control.  Yes our world is filled with health destroying GMO’s, chemtrails, flouride so on and so forth.  But here’s the hard truth. WE ENSLAVE OURSELVES. 

Methods of Manipulation

Again and again we bow to fear, we choose not to heal, we choose ignorance and meaningless divisions (such as gender, monetary status, race, religion, political affiliation, nationality…blah blah blah…)  I’m tired of it.  I myself am still de-programming myself and learning to speak out no matter what!  The people are even more responsible for the situation we are in then the dark occultists.  While they have no problem stepping on their lower level minions, they are united in their ultimate goals of control, fear and service to self.  This is why they are so effective.  We are divided on so many levels while the dark occultists have a unified vision.  It is dark care.  I’m not saying it is right but I respect and understand my enemy.  They are only partially to blame, we are mostly. 


http://www.whatonearthishappening.com/podcast?start=100  Look for Podcast 20 about division.  Mark really gets into the thick of our control of ourselves. 

I’ve heard people tell me themselves that even if the government and dark occultists came out in public, admitted all their crimes and EVEN provided evidence, they wouldn’t believe it because get this…THEY DON’T WANT TO LIVE IN A WORLD LIKE THAT….Yes you read that right.  No matter the evidence, people would rather CHOOSE to BELIEVE that the world they live in is not like that.  Wow people.  Talk about a mental disease at the deepest level and how well fear controls people. 


This perfectly describes how people are coaxed into ignorance so easily.  “Oh its the better way out!”  Sorry, your living an illusion then and you are part of the problem not the solution.  Don’t be a Cypher. 

zombies21 smartphone_zombies

Thankfully there is an awakening and I feel people are looking at the bigger picture and are beginning to understand this huge truth.  The good news is that if we are main contributors to the problem, we can be the main problem solvers.  That we have the power to QUICKLY change the world if we just start admitting we were duped, we bought so many lies, and we chose ignorance for so long.  Then we can heal at an exponential level and the dark occultists would lose their power in a flash. 

Free Your Mind.  Resist the System.  Learn The Mind Control Mechanisms that Control Your Life.  This blog is always here for you.  If you choose the harder path of truth, I have infinite respect for you.  If you choose ignorance and fear, don’t expect anything to change. 



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