15 Lies about Health and Mainstream Medicine

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The mainstream healthcare (AKA Sickcare system) has done a number on humanity.  People buy the lies again and again, thinking there is enough evidence to back up these ideas or enough trust to put in medical professionals.  Not all people in the medical establishment are lacking morality, but there are too many who either choose ignorance or really do just care about profit. 


You can tell the professionals with morality because they are the ones who speak out against injustice or try to get new procedures and holistic approaches through (Such as medical marijuana, real nutrition and proper exercise advice).  Not to mention emotional, mental and spiritual health and all the modalities that go along with those. 

If you are on the fence when it comes to vaccinations, please keep an open and skeptical mind:


Inform yourself and heal yourself.  Your own health is a very important freedom and a human right.  It helps remove you from the control system when you are a strong and healthy person. 

Here is a fantastic book on energy healing modalities.  I’m currently reading this book myself!


Scrbid.com is also a great online resource for many, many books if you would rather read it online and save money.  Not to mention you have access to thousands of books on all topics.  It’s what I’m reading this book through.  You can get a free trial month, and it’s only 8.99 a month after that.  There’s no financial incentive for me to promote this website/book.  I truly just believe they are great tools and ways to increase awareness/knowledge and create independent health. 



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