The Fire Around Us

Today’s a music post:

Dedicated to all the atrocities going on amongst us while too many turn their heads and choose IgnoreAnce.  Film the Nightmare.  Show it to the world for anyone with the courage to look and stand up for themselves and our world. 

Spiritual Resistance




This is a band I’ve followed since 2009.  I don’t usually post about music but sometimes it needs to be posted about.  Music is something we all love on some level and this is not only incredibly creative but descriptive about our world and the state we are in.  If you are open minded to music and like a unique style check them out!

Very interesting topics anything from consciousness and fear to human nature and the hidden world around us. 

They blend electronic and orchestral elements into a metal tapestry that is a mix between Depeche Mode and Meshuggah.  Not to mention the vocals are very distinct and remind me of the band “Tool” in some ways.  Enjoy! 


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