New interviews by Cobra.  If your not familiar with Cobra, check out his blog sometime.  He is a true warrior of truth.  He stays anonymous, is all about the message, and over the past two years I’ve followed his blog I’ve learned a lot and have found no reason to doubt his information.  It is continually verified by other independent sources and I have only felt conflicted about what I was hearing once, but that passed soon as I did more research. 

Sometimes there are messages that make no sense to us since they are not for the general population. Only people within the Resistance Movement understand the various encrypted messages.  This is primarily a covert/spiritual war we are in so the positive allies we have must stay safe with their information and not risk being compromised. 

Some days its tough to keep going.  I know.  Even if you don’t understand it yet, there are many beings in our night skies and on our planet giving their all day and night to help free this planet.  Send them your love and your positive thoughts even if we’ve never met them.  We will some day soon. 

liara-t-soni-mass-effectfemale_turian_sniper_by_meken-d4lativ WA_Salariansd2fb1f4f24ba1086ebb3bf8821f7503d


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