What Can I Do?

This is not only the main question that holds people back from EVER starting on a journey to discover the truth of our world and ourselves but is the same question one asks when someone begins to see their world through different eyes.  This is the most common question when people are confronted with a new worldview when they begin their journey for truth and feel overwhelmed.  So what can you do???  The true answer to this question is:  It is COMPLETELY up to you.  You are Infinite Possibility.  Whether you believe that or not yet, it is the truth.  But you can start with these 6 before working your way up to that 😉 


yoda-quote 009

And know people are finally questioning this strange reality we thought made perfect sense to us.  It will for you.  Nature is beautiful, it has laws that govern it and the universe wants us to evolve and if your reading this…you want to evolve spiritually too. 


Lastly, know your never alone.  I went through my own first awakening process where I felt powerless at first then learned that was just a lie I was fed.  There isn’t just one awakening, its a sudden process at first, followed by gradual change (At least that’s how it has been for me.)  Just look at this picture of people united through music.  Now, imagine us uniting for peace and world change which is now happening all around us.  It may have not hit the masses yet but that’s okay, in time, it will.  Think of the Wizard of Oz.  The Heart, Mind and Courage needed to be unified to stand up to the evil wizard.  And that’s exactly how we stand up, united as a people and within ourselves through our thoughts, emotions and actions. 


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