Natural Law – Mark Passio

This is a very long presentation and I have yet to get through all three parts myself but it is utterly important to understand natural law principles.  Take your time getting through these, but I urge you to get through them (and myself for that matter haha! I am working my way through them at the moment).  Mark gets into how following these laws/principles of nature will allow us to almost completely end suffering on this planet, of course combining that with proper free will decisions of morality and truth.  This is required knowledge for anyone trying to understand the world around them.  Mark has done great work and I owe a lot to him for helping me to understand mind control tactics, natural law and many, many other occult topics.  And friends, all the word “occult” means is “hidden”.  Words carry a lot of meaning to them.

If your interested in more of Mark’s work check out his website @

All his podcasts are free and I recommend starting from the first one to start learning about everything from the occult to natural law in greater detail, as well as many more topics related to Truth, Knowledge and especially Mind Control which has helped me ENORMOUSLY in deprogramming myself.


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