Welcome all! This blog is dedicated to the spreading of truth and total utter freedom for humanity.

My name is Michael Sabo.  Look around.  It is 2014.  The world is in dire need of change.  We need to step up and be the change we want to see in our world.  Ask almost anyone if they want to be free, happy, prosperous healthy and so on…the answer is almost unequivocally, YES!  But what do we do.  Unfortunately, the answer in the vast majority of people is nothing.  People think they are powerless.  That we are powerless.  We are not.  We are powerful, infinite beings.  This blog is dedicated to humanity.  To Freedom, Truth and Morality.  To True Evolution.  Conscious Evolution.  This is how I will do my part.  To post anything I think that will help us collectively and as individuals.  Anything that is dark that needs to be looked at will be looked at.  To cure a disease you must acknowledge it, find the root cause, then address that root cause.  Anything that is positive will be shared to empower people.  Break free of the shell that binds us to show the beautiful tree that is ready to grow.  I welcome you all.  In Unity of thought, feeling and action, we will free our planet and ourselves.

A quick note for this post and all future posts.  All my text will be italicized.  

One final note.  The name of this blog is from a song from a trilogy of games I love, called Mass Effect.  Not that I am into gaming much, but that one had amazing allegories and moral decisions in it, as well as a beautiful score.  An End Once and For All is the name of the song.  An End Once and For All to Evil is the only acceptable outcome.  Enjoy the song.  Lets envision and create a better future, together.


2 thoughts on “Welcome all! This blog is dedicated to the spreading of truth and total utter freedom for humanity.

  1. Take a brief moment to look at this everyone. We all need to learn from one another and experience different aspects from everyone. It is time to do our part in restoring peace , spirituality, and longevity in our lives. We can do this by joining together and being in unity, being one.

    Great read Mike this is a great start. Can’t wait for more.

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